Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Orbit Downloader 4.0 beta is released

Download it: http://dl.orbitdownloader.com/beta/Orbi … .0Beta.exe

Features: Add Soft Updater called ProgSense. It can
1) New version check and notification
Progsense scan your installations and notify you while new versions are released. It helps you manage your vast installations centralized, keep your software up-to- date easily, conveniently and immediately. Make your pc run at full performance, functions and free from software flaws.

2) social software updater
ProgSense is a social software updater. It means you use it in a social community, recipester.org. With it you can:
Meet people with similar interests. Share information, opinions, and knowledge with users like you about the software you like the most. Ask questions and get answers from experienced users and our real experts. Learn & co-create software related knowledge. Discover great software you need indeed.

Important Information
Please read before downloading

This is pre-release software: you may encounter compatibility problems.
If you find a problem please let us know or file a bug.

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