Selasa, 10 Juni 2008

Orbit Downloader v2.7.1 Released

Orbit Downloader v2.7.1 Released.
Orbit Downloader v2.7 release Grab Pro to support video download from sites which use anti-leeching technology like YouTube. Using Grab Pro, the special YouTube downloader for Internet Explore, you will never miss any YouTube video from now on. It is born for YouTube.

Download YouTube Downloader

Using new Orbit Downloader to download social video and music. Make YouTube for example:
With 2 simple step, Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro can download YouTube completed. And using the same way, Grab Pro can download imeem™, download Dailymotion, download Pandora and download all social video and music easily.
Download YouTube step 1: Play YouTube. Grab Pro will start to grab the YouTube automatically:

Download YouTube step 2: Click yellow area to call out the item list. Click "Download it" to download the grabbed YouTube:

Download YouTube:

Download YouTube completed:

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