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How to Download Youtube Video in Firefox

How to Download Youtube Video in Firefox?

There are lots of people ask me how to download Youtube video in Firefox ( Use Orbit Downloader as Youtube downloader in Firefox). Here is a step by step tutorial below:
1. Check whether your Firefox is monitoring at Preferences-->Monitoring:
( If it is uncheck, please exit Firefox then check the item. )

2. Open a Youtube video. I make ' Create a Lemon Battery' for example. You can see a small-gray Orbit Downloader icon on the top of the video:

3. Click the icon, Orbit Downloader will fetch the video for you:

4. After fetch the video URL - about 2 second or more quickly, the ' Create New Download' dialog will pop up:

5. Click the OK button , you will download the Youtube video :)

Using this way above, you can download flv video from Youtube, Google, Myspace, Metacafe and Dailymotion in Firefox.

1. The 'GetIt' button is changed to a small-gray icon in Firefox. Just click it!
2. The YouTube videos are in FLV format. And lots of FLV players are in software download sites. Or you can download one of them at here.
3. Some of the YouTube videos can not be resumed because file-resume is forbidden in some YouTube servers. If the connection is break when downloading, you could redownload it by clicking the download item's context menu 'Restart download'.

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